147 before I painted

I applied for an N Number, from the FAA that was close to the one on the RAF aircraft. The number was VX147 and I got N147VX. That was a lot of Irish Luck. 

Note; The persons in the photos are Bob and his son Wayne Moore.

Below are Photos and Correspondence with the Royal Air Force Historian

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RAF Photo

RAF Photo

RAF Photo

 I had flown down to South Texas to fly in the big CAF air show in October 1986. I was flying the CAF's YO-55. While there I met a man who was a RAF Naval History Writer. He told me about the Ercoupe that they had in 1948. I was having so much fun flying the CAF Ercoupe, that I told him I was going to get one some time in the Future. He told me that when he got home he would try to get me information on the RAF' aircraft. It was about three months later that I began to get this wonder full amount of letters with copies of log books, pictures, and letters. It wasn't until early 1988 that I was able to trade my 1940 Taylorcraft for an Ercoupe. My son had just started flying so we decided to take this Ercoupe apart and bring it home to my shop and repaint it and do what ever it would take to make it look like the one the RAF had. I was really a chore to get the many coats of paint off. We had planned to polish the plane, but was unable because it had been in a hail storm. My son Wayne install all new wiring, new instrument panel, and a bigger luggage compartment. While I painted the aircraft. When completed this was my 35th Aircraft that I had restored. Since then Wayne and I have flown it in 20 Airshows.






I would like to Thank Bob Moore for the photos and story of VX147.