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Douglas C-54A-5-DO Skymaster 42-107451 (displayed as 42-72252) (MSN 7470) was VC-54C "Sacred Cow"; and was used by Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. The aircraft was manufactured by Douglas using a C-54A fuselage and C-54B wings. One special feature is an elevator behind the passenger cabin to lift President Roosevelt in his wheelchair in and out of the plane -- an otherwise difficult procedure. The passenger compartment includes a conference room with a large desk and a bulletproof picture window. By 6/44: TOS USAAF, assigned to the 503rd Army Air Force Base Unit at Bolling Field, DC. 7/1/44: Flew its first mission, with Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, to Naples, Italy via Casablanca.

Return trip was first non-stop UK to Washington, DC flight, made in 17 hours 50 min. 8/44: Flew to Rio de Janeiro to pick up Madame Chiang Kai-Shek. Flying back 5300 miles with only two stops, it was the first time an airplane flew more than 5000 miles in a day. She was brought to the USA for medical treatment. Before taking FDR to Yalta, it was painted as 42-72252 which was lost in the Pacific, probably for security reasons.

1/21/45: Departed Washington, DC for its participation in movement of personnel for the Yalta Conference. After first flying to Naples, the aircraft then made a dry run into the Russian airfield Saki, about 60 miles from Yalta. Feb 3, 1945 : Picked up President Roosevelt at Malta (where he had arrived by ship) and flew him to Saki.

Assigned to 1254th Air Transport Squadron, Gravelly Point, VA 1947. 7/26/47: President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 on board this aircraft, establishing the USAF as a separate service. 9/18/47: TOS USAF; the 503rd AAFBU became the AFBU. 1948: 16th Special Air Missions Group at Bolling. 10/1/48: 1254th Air Transport Squadron (Military Air Transport Service), Bolling. . Assigned to 1298th Air Transport Squadron, Gravelly Point, VA Feb 1, 1953. Assigned to 1100th Operations Group, Headquarters Command, Bolling AFB, DC Jan 1954. SOC Oct 1961 7/61: An agreement was reached to transfer the aircraft to the National Air Museum, Smithsonian Institution. At that time it was placed in storage at Bolling Field. 10/17/61: Flown from Bolling Field to Andrews AFB by the Commander of HQ Command. Over the next few years the plane's wings were cut off so that it could be moved in trucks. 1977: Placed on loan with the Air Force Museum but remained in storage at Andrews until August 1983 when it was transported to the Air Force Museum, and at that time ownership of the aircraft was transferred there. Currently in USAF Museum, Dayton, OH, painted as 42-72252.

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