Commemorative Air Force (CAF)
(formerly the Confederate Air Force)
Midland, Texas,

In HONORING American Military Aviation of the United States.

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The Commemorative Air Force (CAF), formerly known as the Confederate Air Force, is a Texas-based non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and showing historical aircraft at airshows primarily throughout the U.S. and Canada. The CAF also has extensive aircraft collection on static display at the American Airpower Heritage Museum at Midland International Airport, located in Midland, Texas.


 Laister-Kauffman Lk-10A Glider

Fat Man & Little Boy

There are many exhibits some you can and some you can't take photos of.


Flight Line

PV-2 Harpoon

B-23 Dragon

F-14A Tomcat

General Dynamics
GF-111E Aardvark





Salute American Airman in Vietnam

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