Fantasy of Flight
1400 Broadway Blvd. S.E.
Polk City, FL. 33868


Fantasy of Flight is an aviation-related attraction in Polk City, Florida, USA that takes visitors back to the pioneering days of early flight, World War I, World War II and beyond. The attraction opened in November 1995, and houses the world's largest private aircraft collection on display.

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Photos from the collection and were taken by Tom Bispo.

FM-2 Wildcat
BuNo 86741

B-25N Mitchell
S/N 43-28059

PBY-5A Catalina
BuNo 48375

P-51C Mustang
S/N 42-103831

P-51D Mustang
S/N 45-11507

B-26 Marauder
S/N 40-1464

F3F-2 Flying Barrel
BuNo 1028

RAAF Avro Cadet

Lockheed Vega, NC105W


SN4C Stampe

FI-156C-3 Storch

Gee Bee R-2 Replica
EK-Z1 Replica