Aviation Cadet Museum
Eureka Spring, Arkansas

Aviation Cadet Museum in Eureka Springs, AR, and stands as a tribute to the many thousands of men who were trained near there and flew the military's planes of many wars. Aviation Cadet World is the only home in the world for Flying/Aviation Cadets/MarCads/NavCads.

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The Republic F-105G Thunderchief Serial No. 63-4422, cockpit is mounted on a trailer.

Butch Waller & Brian Waller gave me the guided tour of the whole Museum. Butch painted the sign that are hinging ion the wall. Brian is the "train man" and takes care of the train exhibit.


Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star Serial No. 70688


F-5E Northrop Tiger II Bu. No. 741528
USMC VFMT-401 Snipers Aggressors squadron

Squadron Patch and two photos of the aircraft when it was with the fleet.


Republic F-105G Thunderchief Serial No. 63-306


T-34B Beechcraft Mentor Bu No 14470


North American QF-100F Super Sabre Serial No. 56-3904

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