Air Heritage Museum
Beaver County Airport
Beaver Falls, PA


The Air Heritage Museum located next to the Beaver County Airport in Chippewa is yet another example of a fascinating Beaver County attraction that is often overlooked. If you didn't know better, you might think that the Air Heritage hangar was simply a part of the airport and drive right by it.

Visit Air Heritage Museum and allow aircraft from the past to guide you through the rich history of flight. Images of wings, beating propellers and blaring radial engines send some visitors reeling into memories of challenges bravely met in the past, while others are able to admire the acts that have led to today's flight technology.

The Air Heritage hangar is a working museum where visitors can see and learn about aeronautical history both from aviation artifacts and the airplanes themselves. It is deemed a working museum because there are many different restoration projects happening at any given time. The museum focuses specifically on World War II and Vietnam era aircraft, but you will also see aircraft from both before and after that time.

Funk Model B-75-L
The Funk Model B is a 1930ís American two seat cabin monoplane designed by Howard and Joe Funk.
Originally built by the Akron Aircraft Co. later renamed Funk Aircraft Company.

North American F-86H Sabre 53-1338 on display at Beaver County Airport

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