On April 4, 2002 the RAAF Museum had a ceremony to mark the completion of restoration of its Supermarine Walrus. This particular aircraft was taken to Heard Island, way down towards Antarctica, in the summer of 1947-48. After one flight, it was damaged beyond repair by 125-mph winds. The wreckage was left there until the 1980s. For the last 8 or so years, it has been the focus of efforts, largely by volunteers, in our Restoration Hangar. It's one of only four in the world. It will not be flown because its rarity. Parts of the aircraft have been covered with a plastic fabric so that the interior spars can be seen by visitors - the workmanship involved with those part of the aircraft has resulted in works of art which should be displayed. After all the visitors had left, the Walrus was taken out on to the grass of Point Cook for a photo shoot.


--Alf Batchelder