The Australian Sabre is A94-101, the prototype (designated CA-26) of the RAAF's CA-27. The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation modified the design of the North American F-86 with a Rolls-Royce Avon engine and two Aden cannons. These alterations necessitated a 60% re-design of the aircraft. The result was an aircraft that many who flew the F-86 and CA-27 felt was the best Sabre of all. The photos you have used were supplied by the archives of the RAAF Museum . A94-101 is regarded by Australian aircraft enthusiasts as a very historic aircraft, for in 1953 it was the first to break 'The Sound Barrier' in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, with its moveable leading edges, it differed from the production versions of the Australian Sabre.

The Sabre in the colored photo is A94-910, a production CA-27 in the RAAF Museum collection.

 Alf Batchelder wrote an article in 1999 for the RAAF Museum about the RAAF Sabre if you would like to read it. CLICK HERE.