Over the years of doing the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Alumni Web Site (www.blueangels.org) many people have been kind enough to send me some very interesting photographs that were "other than Blue Angels." As a means of sharing those photographs, I decided to do another Web Site.

If anyone would like to submit further photographs, I would certainly welcome them and credit the person sending them. Any comments are welcome.

E-mail to;


Please be sure that if they are copyrighted photos that you include permission for their use FROM THE OWNER OF THE COPYRIGHT.

I have enjoyed these photos over the years, and I hope you do also.

Lest we forget why we have deployed our military and civil defenses to fight terrorism, here is an awesome satellite photo of Ground Zero-New York City. Please be aware this is a large photo (570kb) and will take some time to load, but is well worth the viewing. Click Here